Alphamont and its Investment Adviser Representatives are committed to upholding their fiduciary duty to clients and following the best ethical guidelines in the profession.

Clients are encouraged to request a copy of Alphamont’s Code of Ethics.  The Code of Ethics is an extensive document, with key procedures around client confidentiality, priority of transactions, investment analysis, investment suitability, investment actions, transparency, referral fees, conflict of interest disclosures, and investment performance reporting.

Alphamont only invests in publicly traded equities listed on the NYSE or NASDAQ stock exchanges, and use their closing prices to determine portfolio values.  Upon signing an Investment Management Agreement, clients authorize full trading discretion to Alphamont and its Investment Adviser Representatives.  Please note that clients retain full access to and have the authority to view holdings of their portfolios at any time.

Anthony Breen is a candidate in the CFA Program and is bound by the CFA Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct.  Alphamont’s Code of Ethics has been written to comply with the Investment Adviser Act of 1940 and analogous state statutes.