Alphamont Funds LLC is an investment advisory firm offering portfolio management services.

We provide our clients an actively managed equity portfolio.  Our value-based investment philosophy is used to select NYSE and NASDAQ equities that, based on our analysis, are priced to achieve attractive risk-adjusted returns.  Our Alphamont model portfolio is applied to clients' individually managed accounts.   We consider positions in common shares, preferred shares, REITs, ADRs, MLPs, and BDCs (see Equity Types) and consider tactical responses to market and economic conditions.  

Alphamont evaluates each client's investment horizon, goals, objectives, and risk tolerance to ensure suitability of our strategy for some, or all, of the public equity portion of a client's overall financial portfolio.  We manage taxable accounts and non-taxable (e.g., IRA) client accounts.  For taxable accounts, we analyze long-term versus short-term capital gains tax consequences.  Our simple, transparent fee is based on a fixed percentage of assets under management.

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